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DL Collections - Purveyors of Handcrafted Artwork & Furniture

DL Collection's line of wall art, mirrors and furniture have been designed and tested by a retailer that has been in the rustic market for over 10 years.

All of our products are hand carved and painted, so we cannot mass produce. You are going to be pleasantly surprised when you see the wholesale pricing. The words “handcrafted” and “great wholesale pricing” are usually not found in the same sentence.

Our dealers have established reputations as the “rustic” store in their area and our product line consists of over 250 different pieces.

About the products:

Intarsia Wall Art - What is Intarsia? Artisans painstakingly cut, carve and shape exotic woods into pictorial artwork. Intarsia wood art dates back to the 13th century and could be found in wealthy homes throughout Europe and Asia. Intarsia is made from 100% wood - no plastics are used in these designs.

Hand Carved Mirrors – A variety of themed mirrors are hand carved and painted. Each is priced to retail below $300. No one else offers a hand carved, real wood product for this price point.

Furniture – Unique dining table sets, benches, coffee tables and end tables.

Many New Designs Coming!

Dalin Enterprise, Inc
1444 West 37th Street
Chicago, IL  60609

(773) 376-0088
Dealer Inquiries - Please ask for Kevin
FAX: (773) 376-0188